Possible Topics

ONLINE COACHING can address a diverse range of subjects and objectives. A selection of these include:

  • You’ve recently taken up your first “management” role as a team leader.
  • You’ve got a new position within the company or taken over a new department.
  • You are about to complete management training and would like some coaching to help with the transition to daily work.
  • You want to reflect on your management style in general.
  • You want a mentor who challenges and supports you.
  • You want help with vision and strategy planning.
  • You are embroiled in a conflict and don’t know how to resolve it.
  • You want to (un)learn a very specific type of behaviour.
  • You want help with crisis management.
  • You want to develop your communications and/or social skills.
  • You are looking for an opposite number who can help you to clarify your professional role.
  • You are in the midst of a change process and are looking for a mentor.
  • etc.


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